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Eternity Technologies vented lead-acid batteries for the renewable energy market. Optimised design results in a low maintenance, reliable energy storage solution for critical and unstable conditions.


  • High energy density
  • Design according to DIN 40739
  • Minimal maintenance due to low antimony alloy and large electrolyte volume
  • Operating temperature 15°C to +35°C
  • EUROBAT design life: Long Life > 12 years
  • Fully recyclable with low CO2 footprint
  • High cyclic performance
  • Up to 3 year topping-up intervals in float condition
  • > 1000 cycles @ 80% D.O.D
  • Low self discharge rate of approximately 3% per month at 20°C


  • Solar/ Wind Power Stations
  • Traffic Systems
  • Hydro Power Generation
  • Emergency Lighting Installations
  • Telecommunications / Mobile Phone Stations
  • Power Distribution Companies
  • Railway Applications
  • UPS Systems

Weight, Capacity and Dimension Charts

DIN cell typeNominal Voltage (V)Capacity (Ah) C10 1.8V Cell at 20°CLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (H1) max. mmHeight (H2) max. mmFilled weight (kg)Internal resistance (mOhm)Short circuit current (A)ConnectionC5 capacity (Ah) to 1.75VPCC3 capacity (Ah) to 1.75VPCC1 capacity (Ah) to 1.75VPC
ET 12V 1 OGI 2512252722053494003316.97720M1025.522.516.8
ET 12V 2 OGI 501250272205349400418.911410M1049.544.732.8
ET 12V 3 OGI 751275272205349400495.942110M1074.567.549.6
ET 12V 4 OGI 10012100272205349400584.462810M1098.589.465.7
ET 12V 5 OGI 12512125380205349400783.573520M10123113.381.6
ET 12V 6 OGI 15012150380205349400862.974220M10148.5133.898.2
ET 6V 7 OGI 175617527220534940049144930M10172.5156114.1
ET 6V 8 OGI 200620027220534940053125630M10197.5178.8130
ET 6V 9 OGI 22562253802053494006896360M10221.5200.7145.8
ET 6V 10 OGI 250625038020534940072127040M10247223.5161.7
ET 6V 11 OGI 275627538020534940075127780M10271.5245.1177.6
ET 6V 12 OGI 300630038020534940079128440M10296268.2194.4