Gel Solar

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Eternity Technologies valve regulated lead-acid batteries for deep cyclic applications. With an innovative Gel-technology and maintenance free design, Eternity Technology Gel Bloc batteries are compatible with all universal cyclic and renewable applications.


  • Maintenance-free bloc batteries in Gel technology (no topping up during lifetime)
  • Good high current performance for extreme operating conditions
  • High-class patented safety valve
  • 1200 cycles @ 60% DOD (IEC60896-21/22 & IEC61427)
  • Capacity: 55–300 Ah (C100)
  • Low self discharge rate allows for up to 2 years shelf life
  • Valve-regulated lead-acid battery
  • Recyclable
  • Long cycle life


  • Solar
  • Home Invertor
  • Renewable Energy
  • Universal for all deep cycle applications

Weight, Capacity and Dimension Charts

TypeGroup TypeVoltageCapacity Ah C10Capacity Ah C20Capacity Ah C100Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Terminal
S06 06 230-619821022524218627432F-M8
S06 06 300BCI 305626328030530217834945F-M8
S06 12 55BCI 341248515525416817718F-M6
S06 12 58 3L31251545727717519021A-POLE
S06 12 60BCI 341259616525416817721F-M6
S06 12 80BCI 2412747881254168204.525F-M6
S06 12 85 3L51277818535017519028A-POLE
S06 12 90BCI 3112889410032917020732F-M8
S06 12 100BCI 121210311012032917026037F-M8
S06 12 125BCI 121211612313032917026042F-M8
S06 12 130 3DIN A1212112713551318921745A-POLE
S06 12 170 3*DIN B1215015917051322321754A-POLE
S06 12 220 3*DIN C1220021223051827423868A-POLE