BS Cells (Low Maintenance)

Bolted 158mm wide

Eternity Technologies have brought together the latest manufacturing processes and modern design criteria to deliver the Eternity Technologies BS range of Cells designed to meet the ever changing demands of the Global Motive Power market.

Eternity Technologies BS Low Maintenance Cells are designed to have minimal water loss resulting in extended watering periods and reduced routine maintenance.


  • Lead-acid vented batteries with liquid electrolyte
  • Capacity for BS product range: 150-1296Ah
  • Non-woven tubular sleeving helps to increase productivity while maximising performance
  • Modern tubular design maximises the active lead material and delivers optimised energy
  • The latest separator design delivers increased acid volumes and increases acid circulation
  • Fully insulated terminals


  • Forklift
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Cleaning Machines
  • Lifting Platforms
  • Road vehicles
  • Tow Tractors
  • Other electric vehicles with high energy/ deep cycle requirements

Weight, Capacity and Dimension Charts

75 Ah Plate
DimensionsH1=515mm H2=545mm
Cell TypeAh
2 PzB-ET 150-LM1509.646
3 PzB-ET 225-LM22513.162
4 PzB-ET 300-LM30017.278
5 PzB-ET 375-LM37521.194
6 PzB-ET 450-LM45024.9110
7 PzB-ET 525-LM52528.6126
8 PzB-ET 600-LM60032.8142
9 PzB-ET 675-LM67536.2158
10 PzB-ET 750-LM75040.2174
11 PzB-ET 825-LM82543.5190
12 PzB-ET 900-LM90048.3206
100 Ah Plate
DimensionsH1=600.5mm H2=630.5mm
Cell TypeAh
2 PzB-ET 200-LM20011.446
3 PzB-ET 300-LM30015.962
4 PzB-ET 400-LM40020.778
5 PzB-ET 500-LM50025.394
6 PzB-ET 600-LM60029.6110
7 PzB-ET 700-LM70034.4126
8 PzB-ET 800-LM80039.3142
9 PzB-ET 900-LM90043.5158
10 PzB-ET 1000-LM100048.7174
11 PzB-ET 1100-LM110053.2190
12 PzB-ET 1200-LM120057.5206
108 Ah Plate
DimensionsH1=687mm H2=717mm
Cell TypeAh
2 PzB-ET 216-LM21613.046
3 PzB-ET 324-LM32418.162
4 PzB-ET 432-LM43223.278
5 PzB-ET 540-LM54028.294
6 PzB-ET 648-LM64833.5110
7 PzB-ET 756-LM75638.9126
8 PzB-ET 864-LM86444.6142
9 PzB-ET 972-LM97249.5158
10 PzB-ET 1080-LM108054.8174
11 PzB-ET 1188-LM118860.1190
12 PzB-ET 1296-LM129665.3206